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Getting Into RCGT (Radio Management Large Touring)

What is RCGT?
RCGT is currently the most well-known and fastest increasing category in the traveling car field. RCGT (or Stereo Managed Large Touring) was began in the SoCal place by regional producer, HPI Rushing. Implementing a few 'Spec' guidelines, their objective was to carry some of the fun and passion returning to traveling automobiles by including a feeling of authenticity to the category. This also indicates that anyone, such as present opponents, can get into this increasing category by using an affordable traveling car, a set of treaded tires and a genuine body!

The Background
If you've ever been to a RC traveling car competition, I'm sure you've observed all the magnificently coloured automobiles generating around the monitor. Think returning and ask yourself...what KIND of automobiles where they? Could you tell? Probably not, as I'm sure all you really saw were crazy fire, vibrant scallops and neon drains. You probably also observed the racing-style 'dish' tires. Very awesome, but kind of same-ol' same-ol'.

Now, picture some kind of actual racing, something like you might see on TV or even in videos clip gaming. Do any of those automobiles have crazy fire, vibrant scallops or even neon drips? How about those 'dish' wheels? Not a chance! All the actual automobiles (for example, In german DTM, Asia Incredibly GT, Rate Globe Task, etc) are coloured in group 'liveries', purpose-paint tasks that differentiate one racing group from another. You can also tell the distinction in the vehicles; some generate the Subaru STi, others Chevy Supras, some even Ford NSX's or Mercedes GT3's. The factor here is that you can tell what kind of car is it (the key component to RCGT), and sometimes that reality can even move your option on who you want to win (lets say, if you're a Ford lover).

How is this done?
Since the RCGT guidelines (see below) generally center around using any realistic/scale whole body, treaded tires and a spoked rim (no plate tires here), this implies that you don't need technology traveling car to contend in this category. Some of the quicker motorists are currently using HPI Dash 2s, Team Associated TC3s or Team Losi XXX-S cars.

The Rules: Motivated vs. Enforced
The un-official/official guidelines of RCGT were set up so that every car could be similarly printed, the distinction being the chassis/platform you begin off with. Again, the concept is to keep it as affordable as possible while creating it fun and genuine.
• Any 1/10th range 4WD Touring Car framework. New or old, it doesn't issue.
• Any "realistic/scale" Touring Car/GT whole body. No "Race" systems, Stratus, Mazda 6 etc. Bodies should signify designs that are operating or have been run in the Touring Car, GT2, GT1 sessions in ALMS, LeMans, Rate Task etc. HPI Rushing has many these kind of systems on their website.
• Any 26mm spoked tires. No plate tires. HPI Rushing has many these on their website as well.
• HPI Rushing X-Pattern tires. There are 3 different rim choices:
• HPI #4790 X-Pattern Radial Tire 26mm M-Compound (base specifications tire)
• HPI #4490 X-Pattern Radial Tire 26mm Pro Compound
• HPI #4495 X-Pattern Radial Anchored Tire 26mm Pro Compound
• Kit Lexan side or #85612 HPI Rushing Nasty Realistic Wing Set only (keeping in thoughts the soul of authenticity of the class)
• 27T Applied or 17.5 Brushless Engine.
• 6-Cell NiMH or 2 mobile LiPo 7.2/7.4v battery power restrict.
• Recommended lowest bodyweight limit: 1350 grams

Why different tires?
Different tires perform best on different areas. Because of this, HPI Rushing has Spec'ed out 3 substances of their well-known X-Pattern rim for use with this category. Before you buy, examine with your regional competition house to see which compound(s) they allow at your monitor.
• #4790 D-Compound Tire - Excellent all around rim.
• #4490 Pro Non-Belted Substance - Tag rim for enhanced grip.
• #4495 Pro Anchored Substance - Tag and belted for more speed, but heat range delicate. If it gets to hot, keep with the D-Compound Tires.

Car installation will differ from framework to framework and, without the advantages of the competition tires and slick systems, you might need to begin off with a a little bit smoother installation than inventory (say that 5 periods really fast!). Moreover, since the guidelines contact for equivalent engines, it is strongly recommended that you begin your gearing right around a 3.5 FDR (Final Drive Ratio). As the RCGT category is a fun category, your regional opponents will probably be more than satisfied to discuss their configurations with you.

They're the same...but different...
World GT, while maintaining the 'GT' nametag, is not quite the same as RCGT. While there are resemblances (actually just the systems and electronics), the Globe GT (or WGT) car is depending on a 1/10th range, 2WD Pan car that uses froth tires and is incredibly nimble and quick. This car is really at house on a rug monitor, where the 4WD RCGT car can run on rug, road or tangible. This gives the RCGT category more monitor options and creates it the better option for the first-time racing.

RCGT is a category that will start the entrance for newbies, creating it simple (and inexpensive) for them to hit the monitor, and look fantastic doing it! With over 100 systems and rim places to select from (if you think I'm joking, examine the site!) HPI Rushing has offered a lot of options for you to select from to make a different racing plan. So get your car prepared and I'll see you at the monitor.

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